It's All About What's Written

...and what's written is what it's all about.


I've decided to start a new story. As always, criticism is welcomed. Enjoy!

The Beginning of the End

“You’re a bitch. No one will ever love you. You’re controlling and pushy and you always need attention.”

I punched him in the face and ran. I ran past my house, to the center of town, and to the hidden playground behind the elementary school. I sat on a swing and sobbed until the collar of my shirt was drenched.

‘I have no one.’ I thought. ‘What if i killed myself, right here, right now? No one would even care.’ I took food out of my bag and ate it; a few minutes later I shoved my finger down my throat and threw up. I hated myself. I hated my hair and my face and my body. I had to face reality. He was right, no one could ever love me. My own parents didn’t even love me. I checked my cell phone; no missed calls, no new text messages. I was simply alone in this world, and the person who told me I would always have him, now never wanted to see me, and other content