It's All About What's Written

...and what's written is what it's all about.

Why Impatient Cookies?

Well, you know when you bake cookies and they never seem to fully cook even after the time goes off? well yeah, impatient cookies.

Current Site Song

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

Quick Updates

12/19~ So it's been a while. But I've updated with new music and put up the beginning to a new story that I started writing. 

11/30~ UNDER CONSTRUCTION....check back later... I've taken my book down and I'll be adding more soon 

7/28~ Total site revamp, new music, layout, book parts, blogs and almost at 1,000 views!

5/9~ well that time FLEW by; check out blog[11] for more info 

3/19~ *gasp* halfway through March already...okay okay I'm back!  

12/ 28~Off to Puerto Rico

12/27~Added two new pages, one for my book and one for links. Added Fireflies by Owl City on the home page. Also, one of the "Top 1% of all sites created this week!" 200 views.

 12/25~ Merry Christmas!

 12/24~ 100 views!

12/23 ~ Created

What the Heck is this?

Well, welcome to my website! I'll tell you a little bit about each tab here.

 Blog - well basically says it, my weekly, daily, hourly posts for your enjoyment.

My Gallery - Pictures I've taken!

About Me - If you can't figure that out...well I don't know what to say.

Contact Me - My email. Feel free to email me whatever, whenever!

Guestbook - Sign it!

Writing - The best section. All my works! 

My Book to Be - I moved it over to it's own page. A book I'm currently working on.

Related/Favorite Links - Links to check out! 

GMX - My email server

I chose GMX because they are a donation website.

It is quoted on the page,


"1 Dollar for every GMX Sign Up with at least 1 Login within four weeks after the day of registration goes to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" project. GMX Mail is 100 % free."


check it out here:

 GMX Unicef Donation 


Stuff To Do

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